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Graduates in caps and gowns at graduation ceremony Graduates in caps and gowns at graduation ceremony
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College doesn’t have to break the bank.

A fraction of the cost.

  • CCS Average Tuition $4,230
  • CWU Average Tuition $6,476
  • EWU Average Tuition $6,703
  • UW Average Tuition $10,629
  • WSU Average Tuition $10,760

Dive into classes, not a mountain of debt.

Did you know the average student debt is over $32,00 (according to value penguin)? In 2019, that meant an average student loan payment of $393 per month. Education is key to moving forward in life, but you don't have to mortgage your future to do it.

*Tuition rates reflect the annual cost for one full-time (with 15 credits), WA State resident attending fall, winter and spring quarters in one academic year. This cost reflects tuition only and does not include student fees that vary based on school and area of study. Tuition fees do not reflect any financial assistance, which may help reduce your out-of-pocket expenses, based on your eligibility. Numbers shown reflect 2020-2021 tuition costs.


Federal Student Aid and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Most students utilize some form of federal student aid, the most common way of financing education. Learn more about the application process and timeline.


Financial Aid Step-By-Step 

Six steps to complete your financial aid: Step 1 = Prepare, Step 2 = FAFSA & Required Paperwork, Step 3 = Apply for Scholarships Every Year, Step 4 = Award Letter, Step 5 = Finish School, Step 6 =  Pay Off Loans


Sources of Aid

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