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Become a Cyber Defender

Cybersecurity is one of the most in-demand global fields today. We teach you the fundamental skills you need to make an impact while providing support and resources before, during, and after your training.

Lots of Options!

We have lots of options to meet your needs such as short term Certificates, an Associate in Applied Science degree and even a Bachelor of Applied Science degree. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your way to a well paying career in cybersecurity!

Learning Options

Join the Front Lines of Digital Defense

The economic impact of cybersecurity crime is growing. You can help protect organizations and populations—and change your entire career trajectory. As the world grows more connected and automated (and therefore, more vulnerable), the demand for cybersecurity specialists is on the rise.

Let's get started. Choose the path that is right for you!

Short-Term Certificates

Basic • Intermediate • Advanced
Self-Paced • Online
6 months
Financial assistance available

Associate in Applied Science

Information Technology Program
Enroll Fall & Winter Quarters
Courses @ SFCC
6 Quarters
Financial Aid Available $$

Bachelor in Applied Science

Cybersecurity Program
Enroll Fall and Winter Quarters
Courses @ SFCC
12 Quarters
Financial Aid Available $$$$