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Bring college home with the help of our Virtual Campus

Adapting to current events, our two colleges give you the most options. With online degree and certificate options and remote resources for students, we are the place for you.

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What's Next?

The past few months have been difficult. But throughout it all, we have noticed some things. The tenacity, perseverance and positivity. From all of us to you, thank you. If you are wondering what the next quarter looks like, check out our guide to fall quarter.





Community college lets you explore a variety of majors without breaking the tuition bank. Our smaller class sizes allow more personalized instruction, and our teachers are highly qualified and well trained in their academic areas of expertise.

A flexible schedule that provides day, night and online courses makes it possible for busy people to pursue college more conveniently. Our credits and degrees transfer easily to four-year colleges for students who want to go further. Our open admission policy means everyone is welcome here.

Spend Less!

  • CCS Average Tuition $4,230
  • CWU Average Tuition $6,476
  • EWU Average Tuition $6,703
  • UW Average Tuition $10,629
  • WSU Average Tuition $10,760



Choose from evening, online or traditional daytime classes to fit college into your schedule.


Applied Bachelor’s, Transfer Degrees, and Career Technical Programs

Not sure what to study? Go ahead and look through the many programs we offer. You'll be amazed. If you find what you want, you may use the the Apply Now! button at the top of this page to get started.



Our campuses offer many great resources for students in all stages of life to make furthering your education convenient and enjoyable. We have special interest clubs where you may make new friends, group activities for fun or achievement, and opportunities for service both on and off campus. Did we mention sports too?

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