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Applied Bachelor’s, Transfer Degrees, and Career Technical Programs

Not sure what to study? Go ahead and look through the many programs we offer. You'll be amazed. If you find what you want, you may use the the Apply Now! button at the top of this page to get started.

One city, two colleges

SCC and SFCC provide a variety of benefits and majors!

Learn more, spend less!

  • CCS Average Tuition $4,343
  • CWU Average Tuition $6,475
  • EWU Average Tuition $6,882
  • UW Average Tuition $12,076
  • WSU Average Tuition $12,170

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Keep Learning

In-person and virtual classroom settings are available at SCC and SFCC!


Vibrant campus life

Our campuses offer many resources, such as clubs, student-run businesses and some of the best sports teams in the west.


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