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Are You Ready for the FastTrack?

Do you thrive in a fast-paced learning environment?

Would you be interested in completing your Associate Degree in half the time (12 months)?

Are you planning to transfer to a four-year school after graduating?

Does completing the entire registration process and all of your coursework online sound like a dream come true?

If you answered “Yes” to all of these questions, we have some good news for you: You found your people! SCC designed the FastTrack program with students like you in mind. You’re motivated; you know what you want; and once you set a goal – ­there’s no stopping you.

The program combines all of the academic requirements you need to transfer to a four-year college in half the time. You get the convenience of an online program and a student support network of faculty, counseling, advising and tutoring that can be accessed online or in-person. Do whatever best suits your needs and schedule.

Learn more about this degree program and see what your course schedule will look like.

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Find Out More

Check out our FAQ page or attend an Information Session to find out which four-year majors work best with this degree and other important details.


There aren’t any special admissions requirements for FastTrack, though students must be “college ready,” since remedial coursework in Math and English are not built into this degree program. Students can take their remediation coursework prior to joining the Fall, Spring or Winter FastTrack program.

Financial Aid

Students taking FastTrack are eligible for the same financial aid and scholarships that any SCC student is eligible for. Our Financial Aid Office is here to help.

Ready for FastTrack? Let’s Talk.

Send us an email and connect with a FastTrack counselor for specific questions.

Sample Student Schedules